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  • Thor Nylon Soft Hammer (32mm)

    The Dick Nylon Soft hammer is a gentle farriers’ hammer with a special resistant nylon polyamide head and additional handle protection on the hammer head.  Ideal for use with a toeing knife to gently remove overgrown horn with minimal...

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  • Mustad Driving Hammer 300gr

    Mustad Driving Hammer (10oz, 12oz & 16oz)

    The Mustad Nailing On/Driving Hammer is available in a standard, heavy and light version. Used to drive, cut and clinch nails, this driving hammer is well-balanced with a the correct nailing surface angle for the best possible driving angle. The handle...

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  • Mustad Square Head Forging Hammer

    The Mustad Square Head Forging Hammer is a well balanced, forging hammer designed for stability and precision.  Made of the best possible tool steel, the hammer has one square side on the head for added versatility. Standard Mustad forging Hammers...

  • Mustad Forging Hammer (2lb & 2.3lb)

    Mustad's forging hammers are made from the highest quality tool steel and are designed for precision and strength.  The hammers feature a hardened hickory handle for maximum durability and strength.  These forging/turning hammers are available...

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  • Jim Blurton Cross Pein Hammer

    This hammer is made of EN24 tool steel hardened and temper to maximum 58 Rockwell. This is an extremely well balanced hammer designed for drawing clips. It has an 18" handle made from high quality hickory and is grooved for grip. Extra security has been...

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  • Jim Blurton Rounding Hammer - 2 1/2lbs (1250gm)

    This is an extremely well balanced turning hammer ideally suited for light forging and fitting of shoes. It has an 18"å handle made from high quality hickory and is grooved for grip. Extra security has been applied to the fitting of the handle via...

  • Double S Driving Hammer

    Double S Driving Hammer

    An exceptional, high quality driving hammer made in Italy by the Schelfi brothers. Key features include:  A unique, patented Anti-Shock system built into the head of the hammer to reduce vibrations Forged from high quality anti-chipping material...

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