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Nailing on Hammers

  • Thor Nylon/ Soft Head Hammer

    Thor Nylon/ Soft Head Hammer

    Thor Hammer is the UK’s, foremost manufacturer of quality soft faced hammers.  Made in England to high quality standards, Thor Hammer's soft-faced hammers provide a safer alternative to striking with conventional steel hammers in industrial...

  • Mustad Driving Hammer 300gr

    Mustad Driving Hammer (10oz, 12oz & 16oz)

    The Mustad Nailing On/Driving Hammer is available in a standard, heavy and light version. Used to drive, cut and clinch nails, this driving hammer is well-balanced with a the correct nailing surface angle for the best possible driving angle. The handle...

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  • Double S Driving Hammer

    Double S Driving Hammer

    An exceptional, high quality driving hammer made in Italy by the Schelfi brothers. Key features include:  A unique, patented Anti-Shock system built into the head of the hammer to reduce vibrations Forged from high quality anti-chipping material...

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