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Fine Toothed Rasps

  • Heller Red Tang & GR8AT Red Tang Hoof Rasp

    Heller Red Tang & GR8AT Red Tang Hoof Rasp

    The popular Heller Red Tang rasp is a fine toothed rasp that removes material easily. This rasp is especially well suited for rasping hard, dry hooves and it is particularly good for sport horses that are shod. The Heller Black Master is a better choice...

    £15.98 - £75.37
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  • Heller Black Master Rasp

    Heller Black Master Rasp

    The Heller Black Master is a finely toothed rasp, similar to the Red Tang. This rasp is especially well suited for hard, dry hooves. The Black Master differs from the Red Tang through the addition of an extra coating that ensures the material is released...

    £18.51 - £83.40
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  • Heller Master Finish File

    Heller Master Finish File

    The Master Finishing rasp has two file sides differing in teeth density. This rasp can be used for taking away horn or for polishing and finishing the hoof. Another application of this rasp is to file below the nail hole before the nail is clinched...

    £18.51 - £83.40
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  • Black Master Finish File

    Black Master Finish File

    Longer lifetime thanks to the special oxide coating treatment Specially treated with a black oxide coating, Heller Master Finishing files last longer due to the increased resistance to loading and rust. All the great design features of the Master...

    £18.85 - £83.40
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  • Pro Finishing File

    Pro Finishing File

    Heller Pro-Finish has been selected by World Champions to create the perfect finish on a hoof. Heller's Mutiglide cut delivers just the right amount of hoof removal, leaving a show quality finish. It's unique overcut avoids clogging. Heller's...

    £19.72 - £87.27
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  • SALE
    Heller Big Hoof

    Heller Big Hoof

    The Heller Big Hoof is an extra long fine toothed rasp. Its length makes this rasp a good choice for extra large hooves, and the fine teeth make the rasp ideal for dry, hard hooves. Length: 430 mmWidth: 43...

    £20.16 - £90.80
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  • Riders Rasp

    Riders Rasp

    The original RidersRasp features an ergonomic handle that fits in all hands, a soft grip with no slips sides to protect hands and rasps that are designed for rounding, not removing hoof wall.  The rasp has two medium finish files which are ideal for...

    £24.55 - £147.07
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