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Safety Glasses and Goggles

  • JSP Direct Vent Safety Goggles

    Clear polycarbonate wraparound lens with ventilation ports. Lens and body offer protection against medium energy high speed particles at 120m/s (270mph). The optical qualities of the lens comply with the requirements of optical class 1 (highest). The...

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  • Safety Glasses - Clear

    Lightweight and comfortable safety eyewear available with clear or tinted lenses.The glasses offer an excellent field of vision for improved safety, with the added comfort of low profile side arms and spherical lens with integral brow guard,...

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  • UVEX Ultravision Goggles

    Safety googles from Uvex, the leading supplier of personal protection equipment in the workplace.Features: 180 degree panoramic field of vision goggle Unrestricted side visibility Uvex supravision lens - permanent anti-fog on the inside, scratch...

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