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Specialist Hoof Pads

  • P P Plast Combi Pad

    P P Plast Combi pads are designed for horses that suffer from Navicular syndrome.  P.P. Plast Combi pads used in conjunction with a half horsehoe, reduces the pressure from the navicular bone offering relief to the horse. The pads can be used with...

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  • Lily Pad

    Lily Pad

    The Lily Pad provides a simple form of temporary, frog support in the early stages of laminitis. The lily pad creates an instant heartbar effect without trauma to the foot.

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  • Horse Trax impact Gel Pad

    The Impact gel pad is a patented, high impact resistant gel pad which cushions the sole of the hoof and helps to ease concussion.  The thin sides of the pad fit under the horseshoe, whilst the centre gel-filled pad fits inside the shoe and over...

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